Sunday, September 16, 2012

Inspo | Ripped denim

All images found via Pinterest 

I have a severe love affair going for ripped denim and the 90's - personally i think these two just go hand in hand.
I find myself wanting to dig my dungarees out. I also need a denim skirt!!!
That is all. 

P.s - I have 3 Wildfox style black cross jumpers on pre order all oversized fit i will be selling them for £27 each free pp. 
Is anyone interested? here is a link to it


  1. Ahh me too found a really cool pic with ripped denim on yest which I posted on Tumblr. Love it! x

  2. Those top trashed jeans are so sick, need to find a DIY to get them! Ripped denim is so gorgeous, but I always find it so hard to pull off! Great pictures x


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