Saturday, September 8, 2012

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Reading glasses - c/o Firmoo 

Hi guys.
This is not really a fashion related post as such but a post i think many of you will be interested in.
I was recently contacted by a company called Firmoo that sell glasses basically. They have a huge range from sunglasses to prescription lenses or even just fashion glasses.

Prior to these i brought some Ray Ban RX 5184 prescription lens glasses, which i love don't get me wrong but they are severely battered and scratched and really unusable now. Also the price of them is ridiculous but like a mug i still payed it.
So when i received this email asking me if i would like to review some glasses i knew the time was right to get my eyes sorted. These are glasses that are tailored to my eyes not just fashion glasses if you was wondering, when you choose the frame online you can then choose to input your prescription.
As i said i loved my RayBan's but when i saw these i thought they were a pretty close match i even measured them against my RayBan's and low and behold they came up exactly the same just without the branding obvs ;]
Whats even better about this company is they actually offer free glasses, so really you may as well just hit them up now if you need some specs or even a pair of sunglasses :]
I hope you found this useful, please let me know if you decide to order from them and what you brought.
Love Steff

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  1. I'm blind as a bat so this is useful to me, i will add Firmoo to my bookmarks. I usually try the frames on at the opticians, pick the ones i like and then see if have them for a discount. xxx


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