Sunday, September 23, 2012

Outfit | Only Love

 Dress - c/o Phase Eight 

Hi guys.
I was sent this beautiful dress the other day from Phase eight.
It's not what i would normally wear but i just feel in love with the print so i knew i had to try it out and see how i could style it.
Phase eight have some really lovely dresses in this season all along the lines of this one. When i think off them as a brand i think 'grown up' clothes i don't know why as I'm only 22 and i love all the dresses they do, but as soon as i put this on i literally felt more grown up, maybe it has something to do with the longer hemline.
I really love this dress ever my partner was like that's nice - and that's saying something.
Of course this outfit wouldn't be 'Steff' complete without the man repelling boots.

Hope you like.
Let me know what you think off the dress so i can tell the lovely ladies over at Phase Eight.
Also have a look on their site as again they really do have some lovely pieces.


  1. If I was to just see a picture of this dress I think I'd be terrified by the print. It looks lovely on you though and has made me think that I should be a little more daring when it comes to printed dresses :) xx

  2. Oh you look totally gorgeous and have styled that dress so well! x

    p.s I am currently running a great give away if you care to check it out! x

  3. Interestingly enough, I didn't like the print either at first, but the more I look, the more I like!!!

    Phase 8 got very "mumsy" for a while so good to see something so fresh!

  4. I am in love with this dress, it is very bold, but stunning. Thanks for sharing :D


  5. the dress really suits you! i really like it! x

  6. Aw I think the dress looks amazing on you, and your hair is looking too freakin good at the moment! x

  7. Absolutely gorgeous outfit! I've fallen in love with the dress AND the shoes! x


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