Monday, October 15, 2012

Currently Coveting | Unif Hellbound Dupes

Unif hellbound boots - Here
Dupes - Here

Hi guys.
So i know a lot of you will be interested in this little find so i thought i'd share.
Unif Hellbound boots - Amazing don't get me wrong I'd marry them if that was legal but the price - yeah not so amazing, when i ordered my Lita's i was shit on with £30 customs charges too so yeah the price is not right. I can only assume your'll be stung with customs as well on these bad boys.

Ebay ohh God bless you -  have some rad dupes and they are from England so no customs charge and they are £35 with PP.
Speaks for it self.
Hope this is helpful.


  1. They are amazing!!! Definitely getting these thanks for the heads up Xx

  2. Do you know if they ship to the USA? Or if there are any like these on the American Ebay? I want these sooooooooooo bad!

    these are the best looking dupes I've seen! Hope this helps

  4. hey! You made my day, thank you for the link!
    I just wanted to know if they were comfortable.
    Thanks :)


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