Monday, October 8, 2012

Events | Essex Fashion Week 2012

*Photo heavy

All photos taken by me 

Hi guys.
So as you might well know I'm from Essex, OK so I'm not your typical bronzed up fake everything kinda gal, but still I'm born and bred. On Saturday i popped down to Essex Fashion Week (which is a day) and got snap happy with my camera. 
I'm just going to throw down a disclaimer here - i have never watched 'Towie' in my life but apparently some of the cast were there. I tried my best getting pictures of them, but if I'm honest everyone looks the same with all the fake tan goodness but i did manage to get a snap of them all sitting front row.

Most of the 'Towie' cast now have clothes lines, or clothes they have put there name too without actually doing anything is what i was finding quite a lot, i noticed that Chloe Sims' line Starship Boutique is mainly clothes from TFNC which sells on ASOS already and other 'wholesale' names, so it isn't like she has actually designed anything, she is just showcasing basically the clothes she has picked to sell on - Same with Frankie Essex's line The Essex Emporium. It's actually quite annoying that they are now being called designers, but hey.

For a lot of the day i was backstage with the models, so i got to see the hassle and bustle of manic designers dressing models, last minute alterations, and the general comradery that was backstage, especially from the lads modelling Snap Back Boy.

I'm not going to go into to much about the makeup but i thought i'd include it as it was just so beautiful. I got to meet the make-up artists there and they were all so nice. The creepy picture of the face was their 'go to look' for the catwalk, all the models had exactly the same makeup done and it looked just perfect, especially with the dark lip for AW/12 - perfect.

All in all it was defiantly an experience and I'd defiantly go again as i made some great contacts up there and actually a really nice bloke that's a photographer which weirdly actually lives 3 mins away from me - small world, check him out actually he takes great photos and let me hang around with him all day, Click here and like his  Facebook page lovers :]

Anyway hope this wasn't too picture heavy for you, let me know what you think.
Love Steff

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  1. Where abouts in Essex do you live?
    I would have ABSOLUTELY loved to have gone there :)
    Is there any other events like this any time soon? <3

  2. Haha I met the guy in the second picture at black cat on Thursday! Am I famous?! ;)


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