Sunday, October 7, 2012

Outfit | Ripped Denim Skirt

Top - Primark
Skirt - Vintage DIY
Boots - c/o Nelly

Hi guys.
Found this skirt the other day, i knew as soon as i saw it the scissors were coming out to play.
I take it we are all aware of the Gina Tricot skirt or the acne fine trash skirt (that i cant get anywhere) well i need it or more to the point needed it.
I'm such a big fan of ripped/trashed denim. One of my favourite things to do is rip up a pair of jeans (how sad)
I'm feeling more shredding of this skirt, my fingers are twitching and i can hear the scissors calling me, but i don't know. 
What do you think? More or leave it?

Edit - I think we need to address the fact i look like a miserable bitch in these, i wasn't actually. It have chronic bitchface. 

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  1. Think you'll spoil it if you go any further. The only other thing that i thought may look good would be to either remove a pocket from the back or shred one of the pockets on the opposite side to the shred at the bottom, but then what do i know about fashion?...very little to nothing!

  2. love that skirt so much!

    from helen at // @thelovecatsinc

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  3. This is fantastic! I want to rip my denim skirt now :-)

    The Lovelorn

  4. love what you've done w/the skirt.



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