Monday, October 22, 2012

Outfit | Tu me manques

Top - H&M 
Trousers - Primark limited edition
Necklace - Primark
Heels - Zara

Hi guys.
Went out for lunch today with my good friend Tim so just a quick outfit to show.
These trousers are what i picked up in Primark the other day, they are part of their new limited edition collection. I've been looking for a pair like this for ages as they have spikes on the pockets and a pleather waistband. I was a massive fan off the sports luxe trend and well still am really, i don't think you can beat dressing up dressing down clothes and these almost look like joggers - they aren't their actually polyester.

These shoes. You just cant beat Zara for shoes and these are no exception. Amazing colour, faux suede and literally the comfiest shoes my feet have ever been in. Yes I'm aware i say this every time i buy Zara shoes but seriously they are.
Anyway i may go back and get the grey pair.
Sorry about the quality of these pictures, it was so foggy today and my camera literally said 'ermmm no'.
Ohh i re-pierced my lip as well in case your wondering what the dot on my lip was. I've had it pierced now for about 7 years yet still am totally undecided about it. Give it a week it'll be out again.
Have a nice evening.
Love Steff 

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  1. i love your necklace & your shoes are amaze! they look so good with the trousers. i kinda miss having my lip pierced, the holes around my mouth are not a good look xx

  2. Love this - can't believe the pants are primark!

  3. Looing gorgeous! Those shoes are an amazing colour! X

  4. Ahh I know, that sort of fog makes you not want to get out of bed! The colour of your shoes are ace, adds a nice bit of warmth! I did think they were joggers actually! Bet they're so comfortable, which is what this weather is all about!

  5. Heels are totally amazing!


  6. I was first looking at the necklace but then I saw the heels. I'm loving them both!



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