Sunday, October 21, 2012

Outift | Pyjama Party

Cardigan - Vintage
Top - Primark
Trousers - Vintage (pyjama bottoms)
Necklace - Primark
Trainers - Superga
Beanie - Ebay

Hi guys.
I brought these trousers a while back now and had an amazing outfit planned with them, but today like every other day its been raining and i literally have run out of everything leg wear related therefore today i had two options - Be a recluse for the day - Go to town in pyjama's.
You can see from the photos i took the latter option.
I really don't know what it is about these that appeal to me so much, they are silk - i hate silk, they are baggy, i hate baggy trousers, they are not particularly well fitting or flattering but for some reason i just love them.
And they were 50p - yes really!
Also went on a trip to Lakeside the other day - now if you don't know what it is or plan on going, don't. It's crap they have so many shops there full off so many odd people but really all i wanted to go for was Zara.
If you follow me on instagram you would have seen shoes i brought ;] go have a look >>>

Also i just need to address today im debuting  my face with no makeup on - yes i know it's shocking, lets all point and laugh :]

Anyway i digress, how's your rainy, cold, dark Sunday going?
Steff xxx

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  1. They look great, love your necklace, can't believe its Primark!!! X

  2. Pointing, and laughing....Well you did say to! You look great, and you know you do!

  3. the trousers look great on you.


  4. Found your blog via #bbloggers chat. I love it and I'm a new follower :)
    I really admire your style.
    X Deja
    Deja Zu

  5. Wow, I couldn't tell that you're not wearing make up. Your necklace is gorgeous, I also am shocked to read that it is Primark!! xx

  6. The pyjama bottoms look soooo comfy!! And I wish my face looked that nice without makeup *sad face* haha xx


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