Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Currently Coveting | Ebay Finds

Hi guys.
i'm constantly on the lookout for designer inspired pieces 'dupes' if you will and what better place to find the best other than Ebay so i thought id compile a little post just to show what I'm loving right now.

Rose printed jumper - this is in the style of the infamous Wildfox Lennon jumper which retails at £195, this one is £11.99

Batman jumper - this is based on the Lazy Oaf X Batman collection that launched this year. 
This has been seen on girl of the moment, Cara Delevingne.
Shark jumper - this is a dupe for the Givenchy shark jumper that has been seen over many blogs. Retailing at  £500 give or take for the real thing or this dupe for £24.

Rose gold watch - I personally think this resembles a Michael Kors watch that again has been seen on everyone and their mum this season, retailing at around £200 isn't exactly bank breaking for a watch but this look a like is only £10.

Plaited handle bag - This is an exact dupe for the Zara bag everyone was talking about last season, seen on Olivia Palermo and £80 this dupe is £17.

Studded buckle boots - These are dupes of the much coveted Chloe Susanna boots that sell for £800 around about, that is if you can get them as pretty much everywhere is sold out. These dupes are about £30.

Let me know what you guys like.

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  1. I like the rose print jumper and the rose gold watch ! What a deal ! XX

  2. I absolutely love the watch, I can't get enough of rose gold! xo

  3. i neeeed the rose gold watch! x

  4. Oooo I've been lusting over the Michael Kors watch for some time! I think River Island have a similar one too! *added to my watch list* hehe thanks!


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