Thursday, November 8, 2012

Outfit | Kid's Style

Whole outfit - Primark
Hat - H&M

Hi guys.
Bit of a different post today - as you can see that little face above defiantly isn't me!!
Being a fashion blogger is one of my favourite things to do, i love everything about it from the editing, writing and especially all the great people and places Ive had the pleasure of meeting and going too.
Above all else though my number one job is being a Mother to this little ball of love.
This is my son Jy'den-Rhain Atticus Rider he is 2 years 9 months old and a right little stud. He chooses his clothes himself and when he walked out his room this morning in this little ensemble i had to shoot him (in the photographic sense - obvs) and feature him on his mumma's blawwwgggg.

What a dude. 

I'm so proud of my blog and how much it has grown over the years considering i did first start it when i was carrying this little lump in my belly to keep my sanity, but above all else I'm so proud of this little man that has graced my life and filled it with joy (and stinking nappies).

Any other fashion blogging mums out there I'd love to know where you get your kids clothes from.
Love Steff 


  1. OMG! This is my favourite post so far! Ususally i am against using children in this way but i have to say he is so adorable and looks totally at ease in these pictures, like he really enjoyed it! He is so photogenic, just like his mummy. He'll go far, im sure of it, especially with such a wonderful mummy there to support him xx

  2. He is such a little cutie and that outfit is so nice! I'd be impressed if I saw a guy in his twenties dressed like that so for this little man to pick it himself means he's going to grow up to quite a stylish young man.

  3. Omg such a cutie! Can't believe he picked that himself hes got style :) xx

  4. he looks so great! a fashion blogger to be :-) so cute!

  5. AWW your son is the cutest! His little face in the first picture!

  6. wow he is such a little cutie,
    Looks like a little catalog model

  7. You have a little model in the making. He must watch his mumma to learn the ropes :-)

  8. What an adorable little boy you have! I just stumbled across your blog and love it so am your latest follower!



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