Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Currently Coveting | Brantano winter boots.

All images c/o Brantano

Hi guys.
A Little Christmas wish list today featuring my favourite type of footwear - BOOTSSSSSS!!!
For those off you that know me you'll know I'm a total shoe whore, especially for black boots so i have complied a little list off my top picks from brantano.co.uk. Seeing as it is Winter now you can find some great boots all over the high street for instance Barratts have some great choice at the moment as do Asos although that's online only.

My favourites for sure from above would have to be the last pair seeing as I'm still all over the creeper trend, i can just imagine these to be so warm and comfy.
I also love the little blue pair as i never go for bright coloured boots, and although these are not boots per say more ankle boots i can still see these looking great with skinny jeans.
So guys, do you like anything from above? Or brought anything from Brantano before i would love to know.
Hope you like.


  1. Im just as obsessed with shoes! love the black heeled boots.



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