Monday, December 3, 2012

Currently Coveting | Gina Tricot

All images via Gina Tricot

Hi guys.
So with Christmas approaching I'm assuming we are still scribbling down last minute items we want for Christmas.
Well this year I'm easy guys (not in sense - naughty) just take me to Gina Tricot and I'll be in heaven.
Just a little visual Christmas list I've put together.
Mum if your looking *cough cough* ;)
Is it me or do those shoes remind you off the Alexander Wang ones, shit i can't for the life off me think what they are called. Either way i really need these shoes. I'll probably sleep in them not guna lie, and they are only  £17 ish  what a barggggggg.
Also these trousers are velvet - how perfect.
In weeks to come please don't get bored off me if i keep adorning myself in Gina Tricot.
Much Love


  1. I love the jumper! I'm really loving lime green for a/w time :)

  2. lovely!


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