Friday, December 14, 2012

Lookbook | Primark SS13

Images c/o Look

Hi guys, so it's that time again that the high street is rolling out all its PR days for the new SS13 collections and by a far Primark have already won me over.
The above images really speak for themselves but every season Primark just step it up.
 I remember a few years back i used to moan that their clothes had gone up by about £2.00 because well 1) I'm cheap and 2) it's Primark but as i say every season they just pull something out of the bag that warrants this price raise.

Now i know every time i say this i get hated but I'm going to say it again because all you guys that continue buying from Topshop are just getting royally mugged off with their stupid ass prices and shit quality products - except makeup, credit where credits due guys yeah.
 Topshop is meant to be a high roller in the high street fashion stakes, but every season they roll out the same shite and personally i haven't been wowed by them since i was about 15 but that's my opinion.
That's why I'm making an official statement cementing my love for Primark because not only do their products wash up well, they are cheap and they remain fashionable. They must have had a severe clear out of their design team because this new collection is amazing.
So I'm sorry I've offended the general population with my hatred for Topshop but let me know what you like from Primark's new collection which you can see here. 
Thanks guys
Love Steff 

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  1. The bag!! I love it! Primark are really upping their game, I love it! xo

  2. Haha, I'm definitely with you on Topshop! I bought a dress from there recently which I looove, but it's the first time in years I've bought full price clothing from them. The make up is top notch though!

    I love both the blue dresses! xo

  3. Ah I miss living in London and going to Primark. They always had great pieces and so cheap! Wish we had it in the states. Love the looks you posted. Hopefully I can return to UK again soon and spend aaall my money haha. xx

  4. I have to agree with your Topshop rant. However I do love Topshop but theres been times when I've looked on the website and I've seen them sell it before. I love there basics but some of there stuff is just so overpriced. I'll probably forever love Primark (but not the shopping in it part!) they just have such a great variation :)

  5. Wow those dresses are the nicest thing I have seen that are affiliated with Primark! As long as the material is nice I suppose but the prints have won me over! Been looking through your blog this evening post-#lbloggers chat and really enjoyed your posts so now following :)



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