Sunday, December 30, 2012

Style Inspiration | Dree Hemingway

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Hi guys.
Been a while ehh, sorry you know life, Christmas, New Year blah blah.

So i hope you all had a lovely Christmas, been seeing many Michael Kors watches popping up over Instagram you lucky bunch.

So with New Year literally 2 days away i thought i would come at you with a little style stealer post ft none other than the stunning Dree Hemingway - yes the Great Granddaughter of literacy genius Ernest Hemingway, but this is a fashion blog i wont be talking about books instead i want to just ravel in her impeccable knack for fashion.
I just wanna take time out to just note how amazing does she pull off this all white YSL trouser suit (bottom left) so perfect and minimal makes me wanna wear white more often.
Honestly Ive seen this girl over magazine spreads and blogs for a while now and every time she is working a different look. I love that she can go from bold prints and colour like the little Marc Jacobs number (2nd row 3rd in) to dressed down in boyfriend jeans and an aviator jacket (top 1st). 
Whatever it is she is wearing she carries it off effortlessly and i can't wait to see her ever changing style in the New Year to come. 
Are you a fan?


  1. She really does have an amazing style, I want the pink trainers and legs to match please :)

  2. Awh she's so cute and so effortlessly stylish. The suit looks amazing on her!

    Ellie xo
    MisseBlog | MisseDesign

  3. Love this post, a lovely different take from your own outfits of 2012. I love how celebrities always go through such extreme style changes..she's so effortlessly stunning! Now following:) xx


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