Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Currently Coveting | Designer shoe dupes

1 - Isabel Marant 'Lazio' | Dupe
2 - Alexander Wang 'Liya' | Dupe
3 - Alexander Wang 'Joan' | Dupe
4 - Givenchy leather wedge boots | Dupe 
5 - Zara Basic Heels | Dupe
6 - Louboutin unbout illusion | Dupe
7 - Zara Asymmetrical heels | Dupe


Hi guys.
I'm a massive shoe freak, i seem to buy them hoard them and then just look at them because i never wear them, yet i still find my self on shoe websites every day. Yes i actually have no life.
All off these (and more) are in my basket at the moment especially the Isabel Marant Lazio boots the dupes are literally exact.
I thought i may as well share these find with you. Every girl needs shoes right??
I have so many dupes i find on a daily basis that are just sitting in my basket waiting for checkout, so if you would like to see a clothes edit then let me know :)

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  1. LOVE the zara shoes!! x


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