Friday, January 11, 2013

Currently Coveting | Repertoire

Images via Repertoire

Hi guys.
So you'll probably know by now I'm not a high end fashion kinda girl. Most my money goes on my kid but this year i wanted to start to save some money and buy key items for my wardrobe that will last a life time...
I recently came across a site called Repertoire which have a lovely selection of what i would call 'High end' fashion, you can see above my favorite pieces from their site. I'm a major shoe hoarder but these Michael Kors shoes are just stunning, and would look rather niceeeeeeeee paired with this Armani bag.
My favorite of all these though has to be the jeans...Repertoire sell 7 for all mankind jeans, although not overly bank breaking but still at about £160 roughly a pair these are the jeans that i vowed to own this year, I'll probably have them by December though - I'm so bad at saving :(
What about you guys? Are you strictly high street or do you like to save for those key items? If yes then check out this site.
Also if anyone owns 7 For All Mankind Jeans let me know on how they size.
Thanks guys
Love Steff 


  1. Love the poloneck jumper :) great basic staple for winter

    Belinda @

  2. Just had a look and it's a great site! Love the pieces you have chosen x

  3. Loving the sweater <3



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