Thursday, January 3, 2013

Jewellery | My Name Necklace

Necklace - c/o My Name Necklace

Hi guys.
I have been meaning to get this post out for a while. You may have noticed in my previous post i was wearing this amazing necklace well i thought id show you a close up.
I was contacted by My Name Necklace a few weeks back asking if i would like to review one off their necklaces, i instantly jumped at the chance because you may have noticed i can't exactly buy anything with my name written on it in shops it has to be custom made as my mum thought spelling 'Steffani' this way was a real laugh - yeah thanks - there is a whole back story something to do with Steffi Graf, Tennis,1990 - i was born in 1990 i dunno anyway i digress...
So this is small 'Carrie' style necklace in silver you can see it here,  its so dainty i wear it every single day in fact since i received it somewhat 3 weeks ago i haven't taken it off.
So thanks so much to the guys over at My Name Necklace.
Do any of you have trouble with unusual spelling of names?
This site also offers other styles of jewellery I'm sure if you had a little look you'd find something you like :]
Thanks guys.

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  1. I love those necklaces...but I cannot get any, because my name isn't exactly "normal" either hehe


  2. I love this!! Sadly my "real" name (i.e. the one my family call me) is too boring, but my nickname is way too short for a necklace. Ah well I'll leave it to you guys with the cool names.

  3. I love this! I might have to check out the website! I love silver jewelry and have been wanting a name necklace for a while now!

    Great post!
    Sarah x

  4. hah, your name is much more usual than mine! Mine is Perdi/Perdita! My sister is called Eti/Etienne and my eldest sister is called Tatiana. thanks mum. haha
    love the necklace <3

  5. I need a necklace with my name.

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  6. I'm obsessed with my name necklace! I got it as a gift from a relative! So cute :)

  7. That's cute! I've never had any jewelry custom made, but yours turned out very nice :)

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    See ya :)

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  9. Your necklace is gorgeous!! Classy and simple, think you can combine it with almost everything. Thumbs up!

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  10. I wear my name necklace daily! The great thing is that no matter what your name is, you can have it made in numerous styles. If your name is short then go for a larger name necklace or consider a monogram or initial necklace instead.

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  12. Your letter necklace is lovely. I have been search for such a letter necklace of my name for a long time. Thank you for sharing.

  13. can't wait to get my hands on my own name necklace! so cute!

  14. So beautiful! I have one made of gold


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