Thursday, January 31, 2013

Life | 20 Facts about me

Jumped on this bandwagon - enjoy...

1 – My real name is Steffani, Louise is my middle name my mum named me after Steffi Graf the tennis player – thanks.

2 – When I was pregnant with Jy’den the smell of bread and Stir fry made me sick.

3 – My sons middle name is Atticus – I named him after the main character ‘Atticus Finch’ from To Kill A Mocking Bird – Not the clothing brand.

4 – Stationary excites me, I always feel compelled to buy a pencil or a rubber.

5 – My first real proper relationship was with a girl.

6 – Yes I’m Bi-Sexual.

7 – I suffer from Bi Polar II and Borderline Personality Disorder i take meds every day for it.

8 – My favourite film of all time is Amélie.

9 – I’ve been blogging for two years and still hate having my picture taken.

10 – Back in the day I had my wrist and neck pierced.

11 – I’m very happy just being left on my own because I’m very socially retarded!

12 – I went to college with the intentions of graduating in Music Technology – I lasted 6 months and dropped out.

13 – I have severe stage fright, I wanted to go to acting school after I dropped out off college but couldn’t bring myself to even enter the audition hall!

14 – I’m a major crime Chanel junkie.

15 – I can dislocate both my hips

16 – I’m in love with Paris, I’ve wanted to move there since I was 15 – I’m hoping to move there before I’m 30!!

17 – I couldn’t live without Vaseline in the tin and Sudocream – Holy grail products!!

18 – I’m the most un romantic person in the world – I hope that changes one day.

19 – I have an undercut, I regret it so much yet i keep shaving it.

20 – I drink on average 15 mugs of coffee a day.



  1. Oh I love this, number 3 made me laugh so hard. Love your honesty and feel I know you a bit better, I never realised you were bi polar both my parents are so I know how hard it can be. Anyway your a beaut and so glad you shared xx

  2. I've known you for too long - and still didn't know some of this.. Snap on the Amelie! :-D We should have a french film night some time!! Kudos for being so open x x Might have to nab this idea myself! xx


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