Saturday, January 26, 2013

Outift | Wasting time

 Trousers/Jumper/Bag - Primark
Coat - Vintage
Shoes - c/o Amazon
Rings - H&M
Hi guys.
So I've just updated my camera and what better way to test it out on some awkward snaps in the park ayy.
Even though i have now been blogging for 2 years i still find it utterly strange and embarrassing to stand there while someone takes pictures of me. I digress anyway i brought this hat the other day after wanting an orange beanie for ages, if you already don't know i practically live in a beanie my hair is at that awkward stage where it doesn't know what to do so putting a hat on it seems most logical.
These rings from H&M really remind me of the Balenciaga rings, i brought these in gold tone as well just because well nothing really they were dead cheap and i was armed with a bank card.
Anyway enough of the rambling I'm off to test out the La Roche-Posay Effaclar if you don't hear from me for some time my face has probably burnt off - ever the optimist.


  1. Ooh what camera did you upgrade to? I've just upgraded myself I'm so excited to try it out. I agree, always awkward when people stare at you whilst you get your photo taken. Lovely outfit though x

  2. I loveeee this outfit , that beanie is amazing xxx

  3. Love the pop of colour with the hat. Orange is my favourite colour and is always what you need on dreary days :)

    Lulu -elyouelyou

  4. Looove the hat, you look so cool!
    Agreed, taking photos is so awkward, i never know what to do haha. x


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