Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Currently Coveting | Red Hot Sunglasses

*Images via Red Hot Sunglasses

Hi guys.

You’ll probably know by now I’m a massive sunglasses hoarder. When the sun comes out I feel utterly compelled to buy glasses in ever shape, colour and recently every brand.
I’m starting early this year  I know it’s weird its February – whatever, still I thought I'd compile a little mood board type thing of my favourite picks from Red hot Sunglasses.

I am an absolute fan of wayfarers, always have been and I reckon I always will be, this year I’m majorly into coloured lenses – especially RayBan coloured lenses. Amazing. These white ones with the blue lenses are exactly what Ive been looking for and they are wayfares as well . Sometimes I like to live wild and wear cat eye glasses, the second pair on the top row are Miu Miu and personally I don’t think anyone else makes better cat eye glasses than this brand, they have a huge range of really unique colours and styles, so worth a check guys.

Another pair I'm just dying to get this year is a pair of Oakley glasses. Oakley have been on my radar a while and their coloured lens glasses I may just like a little more than the RayBan’s – I’m just throwing that out there guys.
Anyway hope I’m not alone shopping for sunglasses in February, please let me know if any of you guys do the same and if you own any off the above already, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Love Steff x


  1. oooo I love those ray bans on the bottom row!! xx

  2. Great selection :)

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