Friday, February 8, 2013

Homeware | Kate Parker's Cabinet Of Curiosities

Hi guys.
A bit of a different post today focusing mainly on home ware.

When I first started this blog some of you may know this but it was originally called ‘All the pretty things’ basically because I thought I'd blog about, well all the pretty things I find in life – apt title ayy!

 This store ties perfectly into that and I know a lot of you guys love bits and bobs like this so enjoy.

Kate Parker’s Cabinet of Curiosities sell handmade home ware, vintage style items, jewellery, skulls, mugs and more – even skull mugs!!

Above are some of my favourite items from her store, and honestly how amazing is this elephant teapot – let’s all take a minute!
I know a lot of you guys love pugs as well and Kate sells pug money boxes.
I hope you lovely lot will go and check her store out you can find it here.
She’s also on Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr.
Let me know if you order anything you know I love to be nosey!
Love steff


  1. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOO (seriously that's all I've got to say) *potters off to check it all out* x

  2. I love the russian dolls and the cute elephant! such pretty things xxx


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