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Aloe Vera gel
Olay Essentials Moisturiser

Hi guys.
This might get lengthy...

So before i had my kid i had great skin, i probably got a blemish every 6 months. I had no dryness, acne, dark spots, scaring, i didn't really even have dark under eye circles. Now bear in mind when i got pregnant i was 18 had him at 19 and thought i was well over the typical 'teenage acne' phase. I was very wrong.
After i had Jy'den my skin changed dramatically, i know this was hormone related and very normal but still. I'm now nearly 23 and my skin is actually the worst it's ever been. Since having my son it just hasn't got better. 
I get blemishes on a daily basis i have acne scarring on my face, i even get acne still but that's more hormonal. My skin is overly dry, and i have a massive problem with closed comedones (white bumps under your skin that never go away - whiteheads).
I've been buying shit skincare packed full off chemicals from the drugstore/high street for ages/years hoping maybe a £3.00 cleanser will work...No it wont. Put it down down! I believe that all these shit products to name a few Clean 'n' not so Clear, Freederm, Garnier even Simple which i thought was helping all were definitely not.
So I've decided to delve a little deeper into what products will actually help my skin not the general population and see if that works instead.

I wear a lot of makeup because my skin is so bad, i know catch 22 so i recently brought the Bioderma Crealine h2o Micelle Solution to remove my makeup every night - miracle product, we've all heard of this i think Lisa Eldridge started the ball rolling to jump on the bandwagon of the beauty hoarders fav and it really is well worth the price tag as well. I brought mine from Amazon 500ml so it's massive for about £25. This will literally strip your makeup clear off without leaving that rank film of grease behind.

La Roche-Posy Effaclar!!! this is another bandwagon jump, but fuck me i think this has saved me from getting a face transplant! This face wash is great - really amazing has no shit in it and really cleanse's your face, but the effaclar duo hands down needs to be in every ones skincare routine! This has saved my skin so much. Scarring and marks are fading noticeably, I'm not getting so many spots, and even when i do they are gone in a couple of days, and the closed comedones are reducing and actually clearing, something which they haven't for 4 years!! Amazing.

When my skin just goes mental and breaks out like a mofo i like to calm it with Aloe Vera gel. I brought this in a pharmacy for £4.99 and i love it. Doesn't leave any oil substance behind it just sinks in. Aloe Vera is known for its healing properties so this is so handy in a tube, failing that buy a plant and rub it on your face, I'm not joking i used to do it.

Vaseline i cant live without. I use it on my eyelids, eyelashes, eyebrows and mostly my lips of a night time.
I bite my lips and they are always chapped, i use this at night and by use i mean a lot just slap it on your lips, every morning i wake up with chap less lips. So inexpensive and has so many uses.

Sudocream. I go through pots of this stuff, again very cheap for a big pot if i get a spot i plaster my face in this and by morning it has dramatically reduced or gone. I use this in conjunction with the La Roche Effaclar Duo whereby i use the Effaclar first then if i have spots i dab sudocream on. I can't recommend this highly enough. without Sudocream my face would be twice as bad.

Moisturiser I'm not overly fussed about, i used to use Nivea and that was OK, but i picked this Olay pot up the other day in Superdrug as they had an offer on and i thought why not live dangerously. I love this its light, sinks in straight away but also feels great when i apply my foundation over it just before it's all sunken in...if that makes sense. Saying that i will probably just by any other moisturizer on offer next time as i don't fine any affect my skin.

I hope this helps some of you guys, if you have any questions or anything leave below or tweet me at @steffanilouise ill get back to you straight away :)
Or even if you have the same problematic skin and are using anything that is great.
Love Steff 


  1. I really want to try the La Roche-Posy Effaclar - my skin has changed alot no I am in my 30's. I have been getting more spots than ever.

  2. i love using Sudocrem too, it works so well on blemishes!xx

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  3. I swear by sudocrem skin care cream! I cake it on every night before bed and it has done wonders for my skin. People seem to think I'm crazy when I say how good it is so I'm glad to find someone else who uses it too! :) x


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