Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Outfit | Secret Smile

 Beanie - Carhartt
Jumper - Primark
Shorts - DIY
Belt - Primark
Boots - c/o Amazon
Necklace - c/o Your Fashion Jewellery

Hi guys.
Long time no actual outfit posts. Sorry - Que camera broke, it's cold, too dark, i had a leg hanging off standard excuses but I'm back and now I've figured out how to use my camera hopefully they will be more regular and i wont be filling your time lines with wish list :)

I brought this rank pair of trousers the other day for £1.00 from the charity shop. They were black bootleg cords, fine if your 4ft they would have fitted nicely, but not for the average height person, but i saw them and knew i could cut them hence the shorts. It only took 5 minutes to cut them as well easy peasy.
Cutting up trousers to make shorts reminds me so much of summer, and excites me far to much - how sadistic of one.
I was also kindly sent this lovely sideways cross necklace from Your Fashion Jewellery the other day. It's so delicate and looks great layered with my 'name' necklace. They have so many fashion necklaces on their site so go have a look.

Sorry about the compulsory orange beanie as well, I'm afraid it really is stuck to my head.
The amount of times a day i hear 'wow that girls hat is bright' like I'm not aware already.

Anyway i hope you enjoy the new look photos. 
Speak soon.


  1. Great outfit , love those boots xx

  2. I love how well put together you always look.. And how BRIGHT your hat is.. haha. I get the same when I wear my red hair.. :-P ;-) xx

  3. Lovely outfit :) You look amazing x

  4. Think your little sis should have got a mention for the fab photos! Love the hat

  5. Love your beanie xx

  6. You look beautiful Steffani! I am loving the orange beanie.

    P.S. I am giving away a pair of fashionable eyewear on my blog. Do enter! ♥

  7. i love a pop of neon with black/grey and those shorts are fab. i would never think to do that and what a bargain at £1 x

  8. Wow the shorts were a total bargain. I really like the orange beanie but do people really have to point out the obvious haha? Lovely blog, thanks for sending me your link last night :)
    Chloe xx

  9. Aw this is my favie outfit of yours - you suit that beanie so much! xx

  10. wow can't believe that's a Primark jumper it's lovely! Looks like it's from Topshop or AA. I'll have a look out for it next time I'm shopping, I love staple items like that.
    Thanks for sending your link from the #bbloggers chat you have a gorgeous blog and I'm your latest follower! :) xo


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