Saturday, March 30, 2013

Outfit | Vintage

Shirt - Vintage
Shorts - DIY
Boots - c/o Amazon
Bag - Select

Hi guys.
I'm so aware this is not the most figure flattering shirt but it was £1 and i love the print and well it was £1 did i say that? Amazing.
Actually these shorts were a pound as well so really this outfit in clothes is dead cheap. 
Anyway I've had these shoes for so long and although when on i don't feel overly confident in them they are surprisingly comfortable, i have to admit i have pushed my son in the buggy in them and done a 2 hour stint at baby group in them and not fallen flat on my ass yet, i give that 10/10. Saying that next time I'll break my ankle.

How are you guys anyway? I've been a little absent from twitter and such a like for a while just because i actually couldn't be bothered and if you follow me on twitter you'll probably see i just moan about pointless shit on there or feel the need to inform the world what I'm eating then and there. I'm sorry, i hope i don't bore you to much. But for those of you that don't and want to you can follow me on twitter @steffanilouise and use the same for Instagram also I'm on Facebook where i normally post sneak peaks and such a like if you'd like to head over there to follow my grumpiness some more.
So links out the way i'd love to know what you guys have been up to, wearing, talking about also I'm going to re enable my YouTube and jump on that again so i'd love to know if anyone has any requests on what you'd like to see as a first video :)
Cool. Well have a good evening 
Love Steff 


  1. That shirt is gorgeous! Looks similar to the recent topshop print, but much nicer xo

  2. gorgeous outfit, i love the shirt. also, im absolutely in love with your hair!xx

    vintage teapot//fashion, beauty & life

  3. I'm so blown away by your boots, they're so eye catching and stunning.
    This is a gorgeous outfit, you look amazing

  4. How amazing are those shoes? Well you know that already haha, just wow! Really love the shirt and shorts together, £2... I'm actually amazed! I need to go on a £1 clothing hunt!

  5. Wow those heals!! I would not be able to walk, LOL. but I do like the ensemble. Like the shorts, with the hose underneath, the black and white color and a heal of some sort. I'm a new follower on BlogLovin, I'd love for you to stop by and check my blog out sometime. Have a great week!

    Heather from Mommy Only Has 2 Hands

  6. Dude.. when are we going shopping? I need to see where u are getting these one pound bargains.. ;-) Lol.. like the print on the shirt too. And how you get away with wearing your shirts buttoned the whole way up - I look so weird when I do that?! Whereas you manage to look beautiful and refined...

    As always, love reading your ramblings. :) Love ya. xx x x


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