Saturday, April 6, 2013

*How to choose the perfect party dress

Regardless of whether you are attending a summer wedding or a winter birthday bash, choosing the perfect party dress can be stressful at the best of times.

Style your outfit to the occasion

A formal event will require a proper dress, whilst a summer pool party will necessitate something a little more low-key. It is therefore important to establish the style of the event prior to purchasing a new outfit.

If you have been invited to an upper market dinner do, it is wise to stick to a more conservative cut, anything too high fashion or over-the-top will only create attention for all of the wrong reasons.

Opt for a colour that will match your skin tone

Certain hues suit certain individuals and as such, it is important that you invest in a colour that will complement your skin tone as opposed to make you look washed out or under the weather. If you are a little unsure of what hues suit you best, do a little research. This may involve asking a specialist or looking through past photos.

Invest in a quality fabric

If you believe you have found the perfect dress, there are a few elements to consider before you press ‘buy’. The fabric is extremely important and can make or break the entire look.

Even if the colour and cut are perfect, if the fabric looks cheap, this will appear more noticeable than your dress. If you are shopping online, clicking on the ‘more details’ tab will allow you to view the exact make-up of the fabrics used.

Choose a style to suit your shape

From bodycon dresses that cinch in your waist, to baby doll styles that flow freely, it is important to establish exactly what styles suit your shape. Empire waistlines and A-line styles will suit most shapes, whilst fitted numbers and strapless creations are more apt for athletic and slim builds.

Adding a pair of killer heels to any look will instantly create height, which makes the frame appear slimmer.

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