Monday, April 15, 2013

*Life | Can you spot a good deal?

Hi guys.
Bit of a different kind of post today, not directly fashion related but a little ;)
So the guys at Ladbrokes Games have created this great infographic to see whether you do have that eye for a bargain or not.
I'm always on the hunt for the cheapest deal, i think i was born with this mentality Haha, i always saw my mum get the best price and be conscious about money and i think it just passed on to me.

I'm always shopping around to see if i can get things cheaper so i thought id be great at this little game...Apparently I'm not as good as what i though haha.
I wouldn't go as far as saying £2m on a dog is a good deal but neither is its retail value (if you can put a retail value on a dog) off £1.5m :O that's crazy.
To be honest i got most of them wrong except the Prada bag. 
Have a go yourselves, I'd love to hear your feedback.
Are you guys as conscious as me when finding a good deal?
Hope you enjoy.
Love Steff 

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