Wednesday, April 17, 2013

*Life | How to make the perfect cocktail from Spabreaks

Hi guys.
Another different post today but hopefully one that might inspire you to get into the summer spirit.
So the guys at Spa Breaks have created this great video on how to make the perfect cocktail.

Although not an exact tutorial on how to make cocktails it does give you a little insight of what goes into them and what you need.

I'm a massive fan of cocktails mainly because well they don't get me drunk to the point of falling over but also because they very much so remind me of summer. Mojitos are probably my favorite and are so easy to make. 
At spa breaks they even offer cocktail making lessons in their hen night packages if anyone was wondering where to go to learn to make them.
what do you guys think?
Are you a fan of cocktails? can any off you make them?
Send your recipes to me if that's the case ;)

Love steff 

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