Monday, April 22, 2013

*The androgynous look; hot trend for SS13

Androgyny has always been an intriguing topic. Societal boundaries of what it means to be male or female have changed over the years, and fashion rules continue to follow suit. The gender borders are increasingly being blurred and fashion walls are repeatedly being been broken down.  

Tilda Swinton, Stella Tennant and Agyness Deyn hit all the right notes with a powerful blend of boyish clothes with their stunning yet natural beauty. Men of course can pull the look off too - think Bowie, Brian Molko and Lenny Kravitz – remember those leather wedges?
Getting the look
The way to pull off this look is quite simple. Androgyny is all about finding a balance between masculine and feminine. It’s about turning heads and raising questions.
Whether you prefer to get your clothes from the high street, vintage shops or shopping catalogues, you’ll need to spruce up your wardrobe with some staple pieces. Skinny jeans, blazers, ties and brogues all work wonders for creating that gender battling look.
By day team a pair of jeans with brogues, a shirt, and a baggy, loose fitting cardigan. By night, flaunt some smart trousers with a shirt and tie, play around a little and perhaps add heels to add a feminine twist to an otherwise masculine outfit.
A hat can be a fitting addition to any androgynous look -a trilby or Charlie Chaplin bowler hat are perfect. A belt or sunglasses are also fitting accessories to complete the androgynous look this spring.
Pushing the boundaries
If you really wish to stand out from the crowd, a suit can make a bold statement. The smart, striking straight lines, teamed with heels can create a sharp and complementary contrast.
Be sure to make a statement with your shoes. Whether you opt for lace up biker boots from Joe Browns, or seductive stilettos, your footwear needs to be fierce and edgy.
The androgynous trend is not only about mixing masculine and feminine styles, another way to flaunt the look is by combining different materials and fabrics. For example, leather trousers could look fantastic with a soft, cotton cardigan. Experiment with any materials you can think of until you reach the desired look – perhaps cotton khaki trousers teamed with a silk blouse could work? When experimenting, be careful with your colour palette. If opting for contrasting fabrics, it can be a good idea to steer clear of clashing colours.
When it comes to make up - less is often more. However, as Brian Molko proves, a little eye liner can go a long way to creating the androgynous look.  


  1. Great tips!! Thanks for sharing!!

    - Aimee

  2. Very well said. This kind of fashion seems to be interesting. Why not give it a try as long as it makes you look better.


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