Thursday, May 2, 2013

*Oris Watches

Hi guys.
I'm always late for practically everything i do, its such a bad trait to have and it winds everyone i know up. If i say I'll be somewhere at a certain time chances are I'll be an hour late. 
So with that given i feel the time has come to invest in a watch. 
Oris watches have some beautiful designs i especially like the silver with the black face the (first image) . I'm a massive fan of 'boyfriend watches' i love anything that is over the top and chunky and these all fit the bill, in fact they could even be mens watches saying that, don't quote me though.
I feel if i invest in an amazing expensive watch my time keeping skills will improve maybe that wishful thinking but still least I'll have a nice watch on my wrist ;)
What about you guys? Am i the only one that's a bad time keeper?

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  1. I love these watches. I always like to use aristocratic watches but these watches must be original.


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