Friday, May 3, 2013

Outfit | Skatin'

Top - Topshop
Jeans - Topshop Charity shop
Bag - Select
Trainers - Nike x Liberty

Hi guys.
When the sun is out  my road looks so pretty, seriously why can it not be like this all the time!

I picked up this top the other day it was only £7 from Topshop, obviously it was in the sale but still i saw it and loved it. I've been after Breton stripe top for ages, one that was just a bit different from the standard and this has slits both sides, its quite odd actually its like someone has taken scissors to it but i like that, oddly i like its not hemmed either. Peculiar.

These jeans, holy hell - i saw them in the charity near mine (where 99% of my clothes come from) on the mens rack :O i spotted the Moto 28W tag and then spotted the £1 price tag. Nice! High waisted as well, and probably the best fitting jeans Ive ever worn, they don't even leave knee pokes! Doesn't mean to say I'd ever pay Topshop prices for their Jeans...Just throwing that out ;)

So obviously I'm on a skateboard. It's actually my sons, yeah he is 3 but i realise i use it more and now its mine. So thanks son.
I skate probably everyday, just out and about, to the shops, up the road where ever i need to go really. This is one of those cheap Penny cruiser replica's from eBay you can find it here, tbh i own an actual Penny and never use it i always use this one just because i actually like the way it rolls better so i fully recommend these if you wanted to get into skating or give it ago before spending shit loads.
It's really fun though and surprisingly keeping me fit. My boyfriend skates all the time and has been years and years and years so this summer hopefully he'll let me come skating with him so i can be a skate whore - It's what ive always dreamt off ;)
And no i cannot do tricks on it - truth be told i actually bought it to get fags quicker...desperate - i accept that!

Love Steff 

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  1. Love the cheeky details on the top! So unexpected!


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