Sunday, June 2, 2013

Outfit | Skort and Heels

 Top - Thrifted
Skort - EBay
Shoes - Primark
Blazer - Thrifted

Hi guys.
This Zara dupe skort skirt shorts thing is one of my favorite outfits at the moment, the combinations are endless with this skort. As it is white is actually goes with everything, even wearing tights underneath, its definitely an investment key piece, well not really an investment it was only £3.99 i need it in black so i can relive my goth days but more stylishly, if anyone is interested too it came within about 10 days and I'm a size 10 and brought it in a medium, its a little loose round the waist but not too loose to fall its perfect fit actually and ultra comfy.
I dunno what I'm guna do when these shoes can no longer be re heeled, they are just comfort in the purest form, although they look so uncomfortable,  because they really are not that high and the in soles are padded it makes them amazingly wearable, i even push the buggy in these and walk for miles in them. These ankle strap simplistic heels that everyone is wearing right now really are worth it, i do look at some on eBay and think whats the point ill never wear them as they are heels, but come summer i push myself to wear heels again, its like you have to retrain yourself to walk I'm not joking i walk like a spanner for about a week of really high heels then honestly you can wear anything and walk normally haha, i dunno if that made sense tbh i cant be bothered to read it back if it doesn't, its Sunday give me a break ;)
So how are you lot?
I dunno if your aware but you can also follow my blog on Bloglovin' it doesn't seem like a lot of you do :( i need friends OK so come on, also i have a Fb Page if your interested in my daily ramblings off all things fashion and life.
Anyway have a good Sunday, I'm off to my boyfriends to watch Dexter woohoo :)
Also im sorry about the state of my legs - i fall off my skateboard a lot.


  1. Loving those shoes - primark always come up trumps in the heel department!

  2. You look HOT! Wow! I loveee this outfit, the skort looks perfect on you :) x

  3. Looks amazing! My eBay skort arrived on Saturday and waiting on my white one - a steal for £5 each!

    Be great if you could check out my latest bodysuit outfit posts and let me know which your favourite is: The Neon Bodysuit or The Tiger Bodysuit?

    Thanks! Charlie xx

    UK Fashion & Style Blog | Lurch Hound Loves

  4. Sorry about the legs? Nothing to be sorry about - I'd kill to have legs that look like that! Very jealous! x Looking gd as ever hun.. xx

  5. I like the skorts.


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