Monday, July 1, 2013

Outfit | Kenzo X Vans

Top - H&M
Jeans - DIY - (originally Topshop Baxter jeans)
Trainers - Kenzo X Vans
Name Necklace - c/o mynamenecklace
Bracelets - c/o Speechless
Headphones - Argos

Hi guys.
So its a new year for me as yesterday i turned 23!!!
It was an amazing day, i got to spend the whole day with my boyfriend, he took me out for lunch then we popped into town grabbed a coffee and chilled in the garden - that may not sound so exciting to everyone but for me it was just perfect. Also bang on midnight my boyfriend greated me with a box that contained a pair of Kenzo X Vans !!!!!!
If you read my blog you might have seen when i first saw the Kenzo X Vans i was a little bit excited, well a lot really i may have wee'd myself in the excitement of things - don't judge, but i fell in love with the print and really wanted a pair. 
They sold out practically instantly and my dreams died, but my boyfriend found a pair albeit he said he looked for 5 hours but still they are on my feet. Ohhh i love this boy! So thanks babe, if your reading this, your probably not but thanks hah ;)
Really not much else to talk about i mean this post is basically dedicated to my love of my new Vans trainers.
And so it should be ;)
Let me take a minute to look at them again.
I may even sleep in them i love them that much.


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  1. I love this look....casual, carefree and "in love!"
    You look great, you really do! xx

  2. Love your kenzo vans, they look awesome - and happy birthday! X

  3. nice look :)) very laid back and I love the shoes :))

  4. So incredibly jealous, dream trainers!

    Julia x

  5. this is such a lovely laid back look,

    so jealous of your trainers!

    now following

  6. I wish I could pull off your style, you look fantastic xo

  7. Cool outfit!
    Adela x

  8. Hope you had a fab birthday, your boyfriend is so sweet! The Vans look amazing! xx

  9. I am SO incredibly jealous, I loved this collab! xxx

  10. Late happy birthday! Gorgeous photographs and your ever so pretty! x

  11. Love your photos - you have such effortless style, I only wish I could pull off outfits like this!

    Thanks for sending your link over in the #bbloggers chat :-)

    Ambi xx

    Bombay Rose


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