Monday, August 5, 2013

Currently Coveting | Avenue 32


Hi guys
I have been invited to share my ideal holiday with you guys for a chance to win a pair of sunglasses from avenue 32.

I'm such a massive lover of Spain. I've been a few times and yeah that was nice but i didn't see anything i wanted to as well i was too young to know and it was with family.
A while ago now i started pinning travel ideas and places onto my Pinterest board so when scrolling through them today for this post i noticed i had pinned a lot about Spain.
I've compiled three outfits for the three different places id like to visit all with item from Avenue 32 of course.
I would absolutely love to go and visit the La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona it looks so pretty when the lights shine thorough as well as you can see from the first picture. Its a roman catholic church that was designed by Gaudí.
Ive chosen a simple plain A.P.C shorts and top outfit for this visit something light and basic for looking around a church. Teamed with a pair of sunglasses and your good to go.

Ahhhh Burgundy street in Madrid. How beautiful does this look, think of the blog pictures you could get here hah!
I saw this street and feel in love, Ive never seen anything like it at all and one day would love to walk down it.
For this i choose just a simple jeans and top outfit and accessorized it with these frends headphones and a gorgeous pair of 3.1 Phillip Lim shoes (we can dream right!)
I absolutely love this top by Danielle Romeril shame i don't think I'll ever be owning it with the £600 price tag but still this is a dream holiday right ;)

Casa Batllo is another place i think everyone should see if they are visiting Barcelona!
What a beautiful structure. It was originally designed for 
Josep Batlló and his family after he asked 
Gaudí to design his family home for him.
I would absolutely love to have a look around here the architecture is just phenomenal.
I choose a little blue dress and light accessories for this visit, perfect for sightseeing and then lunch after.
How beautiful is this rose crown as well, would look lovely with this Temperley London dress.

So there are my Three outfits and three places of interest i would love to go.
A little different from the normal posts i do so i hope you all still like.
Let me know :)

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