Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Hair Inpiration

Hi guys
A different non fashion related post today.
Basically I'm bored so so bored with my hair! I haven’t had it cut now for about a year, mostly because I can’t stand talking about nothing with a total stranger but mainly because I just don't know how to have it cut so I’ve just left it and left it.

My hair has always been long, I used to wear hair extensions when I was younger as I had all my hair cut off and regretted it but right now it’s at its natural  longest it’s ever been and I hate it so much. It so much hassle to wash, I can’t get a brush through it without a pot of conditioner and it falls out like a malting dog - nice!
I have decided to take the plunge and just cut it - well pay someone to, last time I decided to do my hair I thought it would be amazing to undercut it - 2 years on still can’t grow it out, I may actually just get some extensions to sort that out while it grows back. If any of you are interested in hair extensions and use them check out Ted Hair because I personally think their prices are very reasonable.

I want mid length hair again, I need to get rid of this good awful ombre that keeps coming back with a vengeance and I would like my fringe cut back in so I can see.
Right now I can actually do nothing with my hair, I don't even dry it anymore I just brush it or well try to and leave it to air dry, but I miss curling my hair and I actually really miss spending 8746532946 hours just making it look right, because it could look right!
Above all this rambling are some images that have inspired me to sort my head out so to speak and I’m really taking a liking to Olivia Wilde's barnet (last image) minus the ombre though. I like the side swept fringe because it gives me the option to have a full fringe or be lazy and sweep it, and I love the fact it’s not too short I can’t curl it.
I also need my cut because this bloody god awful undercut is ruining my life. When I grow it out it looks stupid and I have to blow-dry it down so I end up just shaving it again, and when I decided ohh its not to bad I have to shave it every 2 weeks. The hassle, woe is me and all of that ;)
What do you guys think?
Any of you had your hair cut or styled recently? I’d love to see your inspiration.


  1. I absolutely agree with this idea, I've always thought that when you are seriously sick of your hair you just need to do something extreme and shock the hair :D I also had long hair always and I decided to cut them to my shoulders when I was like 13 .. It was a nice change however I have very very thick hair so they didn't stay in shape and I looked like a sheep in the end :D But good luck to you, I'm sure it will be an awesome change!

    Much love from Epp,


  2. I feel your pain on the shaved hair front - I had a dodgy mochican once and just ended up getting a pixie crop because growing out the sides was hassle haha. I like the olvia wilde one too :-)


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