Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Outfit | Patterned Skort

Top - Vintage
Skort - Here, Here 
Shoes - Next

These skorts - i told you'd i get them in every colour, i know everyone has one and they never leave the blogasphere but they really are so comfortable and so versatile!
I found this plaid patterned skort a few weeks back on Amazon of all places and now recently Ive seen them cropping up all over eBay, it makes a nice alternative to the black and white versions.
I picked this top up as well the other day for £1 i do love that little charity shop at the bottom of my road, i reckon 70% of my clothes are from there, such a great shop. Found a brand new pair of Gap boyfriend jeans in there the other day for £1.50....niceeee.
Anyway just a quick outfit post i don't have much to talk about, i just looked out the window and saw the sky and my inner fashion blogger said 'lets go out into the street and let the neighbours watch at me pose in the middle of the road'.
Love Steff 

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  2. The pattern on that skort is amazing! I LOVE IT!

  3. I love the pattern! I'm still not sold on Skorts for myself but as always you look amazing!!


  4. Oh this has to be the most beautiful skort I've seen yet, and so ridiculously cheap!

    I think I need to jump on the skort bandwagon

    Sweet Monday


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