Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Outfit | Totem

Jumper & short - c/o Oasap
Shoes - Primark
Bangles - c/o Speechless 
Watch - Ebay

I was kindly sent this amazing two piece last week then the weather got shit so i just couldn't stand in the middle of my road with shorts on. Sorry.
But yesterday was perfect weather for a jumper/shorts combi so here it is. 

I love matching sets, i have so many matching pieces in my wardrobe and they are great because you really don't have to style them if you being lazy you can through on a matching set and you look well put together with minimal effort, and they are so versatile as you will always find something else in your wardrobe they go with. It's really a done deal when i see a matching suit i like.
I've been eyeing this outfit up for ages on the Oasap site its called totem pattern, i don't know if I'm just being completely thick but i don't know why its called that but you can find it here :)
Anyway sorry about the photo overload, it took 258 pictures to shoot this look and to be honest i got bored of looking at my face after the first 10, the real side to fashion blogging ayy 258 pictures ridiculous, im sure im not alone though.
Anyway have a good day 

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  1. I LOVE a matching set!

  2. I'm also a sucker for a matching set - only have one though at the minute so need to change this!

  3. For us it was a real achievement when we managed to start taking about 70 frames to get a nice post :D But girl, you look beautiful, I'm sure those 258 frames were as gorgeous as these here :)


  4. Ich wäre so froh, wenn ich auch mal so etwas tragen könnte. Das sieht so toll an dir aus.

  5. Ohhh love the print. Chic outfit!


  6. ah my god I am sorry about that first comment, what I meant to say was: I love your suit! :)


  7. Gorgeous outfit, I really like the design of the jumper and shorts!



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