Sunday, October 13, 2013

Beauty | HiBiScrub

Hibi Scrub - Amazon £7.29

Before i even start on this little miracle bottle I'm just going to say yes if you have pets the vet has probably given you this before to wash them with if they have an infection. Yes it is used predominately for animals.
If that hasn't put you off read on ;)

Like I've mentioned before i suffer really badly with my skin. It hasn't been clear for about 3 years but thanks to this little bottle of love which is actually called HiBi Scrub my skin is in fact a hell of a lot better. I even have days i don't need to wear foundation - Woahhhh!

This is a Antimicrobial skin cleanser, in other words the alcohol smelling pink liquid you use when you enter the hospital!
I use this on my face every morning and every night. I don't dilute it i know some peopple do but again I've said before i don't have sensitive skin its just problematic. I literally use this stuff straight out the bottle.
Its very runny and when you put it on your face for God sake make sure you close your eyes as i got it in my eyes and i thought i was blind its that's strong, but i just pour a little bit into the palm of my hand rub it together and literally wash my face oh i wet my face before as well and then just rinse off don't worry about leaving it on for a while just get it on get it off.

This smells like it should be burning your face off but i assure you it is actually so mild and so many people have said it has improved there skin or acne second to none. For me i can definitely see the difference in my skin and i will continue to use this probably until i find something that works better, which i doubt i will. 

I brought a 500ml bottle from amazon and it has lasted me about 5 months and its nearly gone so this is definitely value for money.

Coming from someone who is literally last resort with skincare and clearing my skin for good i can honestly say this is the best face cleanser Ive used. It doesn't leave your skin tight either, just clean and clear ;) 

*I saw results from using this after about 2 months so keep with it.

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  1. I can't believe you use this on your face! I'm a theatre nurse and I use this everyday to scrub my hands and arms before operations, crazy! It's really interesting because it really does smell like alcohol so you wouldn't really associate it with being good to use on your face! Glad it's helped you though :)

    Demi | Kiss & Makeup


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