Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Currently Coveting | Chiara Fashion

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I have been loving Chiara Fashion at the moment. They have some amazing Autumn/Winter items in and while scrolling through their website i just had to make a currently coveting post. I'm sorry for making you spend your money - i really am.

I first spotted this amazing quilted jumper. Now let me just say i have been after one of these for about forever and just never found the right one. This is truly amazing, i would wear this with everything literally. It would also look amazing over this faux leather skirt featured above as well.

In the Winter i don't like to wear a lot of colour i like to properly embrace the colder months by going back to black and there is nothing better than finding that cardigan that will go with everything and i have found it...I love this cardigan above, i believe its a coatigan I'm not to sure what the difference is but I'll still wear it as it's amazing. This is the perfect length, cut, and colour to go with a plain top, black jeans and boots as it doesn't make your complete outfit black and just spruces it up a little (yes i did say spruce)

If you haven't had a look at their website already head on over to Chiara Fashion, i have also included links too all my top picks above.
Id love to hear if you've brought anything from there recently :)



  1. Absolutely in love with the quilted jumper, tempted to buy it! Raspberrykiss xo

  2. I've never heard of them before but they seem to have some really lovely stuff :). Adore that quilted leather skirt and collared jumper!


  3. Love the two tone skirt it looks gorgeous.


  4. All these pieces seem so different to what other companies are offering lately, love it!

    Lauren xo


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