Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Ebay | Autumn wishlist

1 - Jeans
4 - Blazer

I've seen so many celebrities wearing this Burberry Prorsum heart print shirt, from Victoria Beckham to Lily Collins, i have to say i love it. I love the colour its very Autumnal and my favorite colour to wear during Autumn/Winter. I love the shoulder detail and the collar. I would never wear hearts it's not me I'm no girly girl, but something is just calling me to this and i think its because i know it would look amazing teamed with these jeans!

Patchwork jeans are such a favorite of mine but I've never got round to buying any. I'm so fussy with the fit off jeans but these are boyfriend/highwaisted fit and i find that not so hard to buy as you can wear slouchy or tailored.
I love mixing different denim and i just love everything about these jeans. They would look amazing with a denim shirt as well!

 I'm so in need of a good floppy hat. This one is cheap and i love the colour. This will last you all through Winter and adds simple detail to any outfit.

I love a good pair of staple black boots. These i love because of the gold hardware also because of the heal height and they look comfy. In winter I'm all about being comfy so finding a pair of heeled boots with extra comf is a bonus.

I hope you like my EBay picks.
These have been sitting in my basket for far to long i guess its time i made checkout ;)


  1. I LOVE those jeans, so cool!

  2. Not so sure about the jeans, but the rest of this outfit I love! That hat!! <3
    Love the pieces here :D


  3. The boots look gorgeous, I love the gold hardware on them! x


  4. That heart blouse is amazing! I have a black and white one, but the color of that one is beautiful. :)


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