Thursday, October 3, 2013

Eyewear | London Retro Glasses

*London Retro Glasses - My Optique £79

Blogging is srs bad for your eyes.
 Before i started blogging my eye sight was fine, but now its OK, and that's not OK when what you do all day consists of looking at a screen and writing, not to mention finding buttons on Photoshop so i have to wear glasses practically all the time.

I was recently contacted by the lovely guys over at My Optique asking me if id be interested in reviewing a pair of their London Retro glasses so naturally i jumped at the chance seeing as my once loved Ray Ban reading glasses were regrettably put into the mouth hands of my child.
I choose the Highgate in tortoise/purple just because i love a pair of big big glasses you can actually see out of without seeing the frames - if that makes sense, and these are definitely perfect for that.
As you can see in the last picture the back of them is coated purple, you cant see this from the front only when you take them off and the light catches it, i think that's a really nice touch as you done really tend to see that with most glasses.

These are from London Retro's new collection the Metropolitan and all glasses are inspired by classic vintage shapes. Amy from The Little Magpie also has a post about this brand and said all the glasses are named after different London tube stations as well. Ohh err.

I will get round to doing a post with me actually wearing these but at the moment i haven't got my lenses in them so Ive sent them off to Narnia to be off some use to me. Stay tuned.



  1. These are so cute!
    And i totally get you wish the whole glasses thing, iv'e completely miss-placed mine at the mo though, oops!
    haha x

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  3. Oooo these look so lush! I do love a good pair of specs being as blind as a bat myself!

  4. they're so cute! <3


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