Monday, October 21, 2013

Life | Halloween drinks

Hi guys.
It's literally around the corner YES it's Halloween!!!
I love Halloween and especially more so now i have a child that loves it as well. The outfits you can make for kids are amazing all thanks to the inspiration boards on Pinterest. 
I love this pregnant Halloween costume idea i found the other day of a baby pushing through your belly. Ive never seen that done before and its so simple as well!

It's rare that i go to Halloween parties as i have the littlen now but this year i do have one, and Ive been inspired recently to cook up some interesting drinks.
I have come across this list of Halloween inspired drinks if you like me are stuck and wanna break away from the norm of bring a bottle. I came across this recipe which is easy enough and sounds lovely its called The Sour Ghost - 

2oz Vanilla Vodka
1oz sour mix
Ginger ale 

mix up the vodka and sour mix whack it in a glass that is half filled with ice and top off with ginger ale.
Don't quote me i haven't tried it yet but ill let you know what its like when i do. I am a sucker for anything vanilla though.

Don't just stop at drinks - To make a great party you need food, if your like me when you have had a few cocktails your going to want to eat anything, so dish up some easy Halloween inspired cupcakes, everyone loves a cupcake and they require minimal effort as well, or even if you want to get a little bit more creative why not melt a big bowl of chocolate or toffee and have apple slices on sticks as that puts a new adult esque spin on the classic toffee apple. You could even go as far as to having sides of sprinkles and other toppings to dip them in. I know i for sure would be all over that ha.

What are you guys up to for Halloween?
Do you have any other Halloween ideas for us all to share?


  1. The pregnant costume is sooooooo cool. Definitely doing that if I ever have a baby!

    Water Painted Dreams xxx

  2. its too dangerous cold drinks.

    Best Regards
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