Tuesday, December 10, 2013

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Hi guys.
I thought today id write a very different kind of post concerning staying safe on the Internet.
As a blogger I am constantly interacting with you guys over various different social media sites. Currently I have nearly 10 active social media sites I update regularly with Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and of course this blog being updated more frequently to some.
 I share a huge amount of my life online and even my family’s life but where do we actually draw the line? 
As a fashion blogger I naturally share what I wear, what I look like, where I buy my clothes from even what clothes size I am online and that’s out there for you all to see. I have also in the past blogged about what my 3 year old son is wearing. 
I do feel that because I am a blogger I have the responsibility to let you know what I'm doing where I'm going what I'm buying eating and I know I'm not alone. Instagram is full of 'food' pictures, 'outfit of the day pictures' and that information anyone can see if you haven’t enabled privacy protection even if you have I guarantee you don’t know everyone that follows you - I don’t that’s for sure.
I'm also guilty of putting far to much information on twitter. Twitter is my weakness - I take to it if I'm angry, annoyed, happy anything I have in my head normally goes on twitter and in retrospect I shouldn’t really give out as much information as I do. It takes one person to read your post and maybe it's something completely innocentlike 'holiday tomorrow' if your using your real full name someone may see it and think hmm no one is in as they are on holiday and they could potentially find out where you live.
So where do we draw the line? 
We share so much these days on social media sites for the whole world to see, would you share your address? I see people on Face book all the time sharing their new mobile numbers.
Just keep in mind that once its on the Internet its always online. Nothing ever gets entirely deleted.


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  1. I share a LOT of my life in the blog - not only the fashion part but I've also talked about some past issues, family etc. But I always think about whether what I'm posting might inspire someone - even if it's instagram or twitter, I always put up something funny, supportive, cheerful, motivating or just pretty - that's where the line is for me. :)




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