Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Life | Has the internet changed the way you shop online?

Hi guys.
I thought I would create a different style of post today focusing more on how the Internet has changed the way we shop online.  
I grew up with the Internet being pretty accessible, but expensive to run thanks to dial up. If like me you were rationed on how long you could stay on the Internet before someone needs to use the phone you'll know that you barely had enough time to sign out of MSN let alone order something.
I honestly don't know what I would do without the Internet though now. I waited two weeks to get it installed when I moved out and I was literally dying to check everything when I was finally 'back online', so to think of a time when we didn't have everything right at our fingertips and had to actually go into a shop to 'shop' and a 'real till' to pay seems odd that that was the only way we could buy things.
I have so many different things that I use the Internet on from my phone for everyday things mainly refreshing my Instagram (we all do it) to my iPad for when I'm in bed and want to shop but can’t be bothered to plug in the laptop even the tele lets me browse just in case I need a bigger screen to make checkout on those Zara heels I can’t afford but want because the magazine I downloaded on the iPad told me they are hot shit.

I rely so heavily on the Internet for my day to day needs and what’s even better is when all the shops in real brick buildings are shut at 5.30pm I can shop all night if I want from the comfort of my warm bed. What makes online shopping even more appealing is free delivery. Gets me every time!
If I'm not buying fashion I'm reading about it on the Internet as well. Sites like Bloglovin' Vogue are so easy to look through you can see up and coming trends, stream catwalk shows, stalk admire celebrity fashion anywhere you go.

As a fashion blogger I need Internet access 24/7 which I'm lucky to have. When I wake up in the morning the first thing I do is check Instagram/Facebook/Twitter etc. and they are all powered with the Internet sometimes I go to sleep and wake up at stupid o'clock wide awake so I just sit browsing H&M or Boohoo.
To know I'm able to make an online order at 9pm and definitely get it the next morning is such a relief sometimes, because we all have those moments where we have nothing to wear and tomorrow is a big day this all just makes life so much simpler.

So how much do you realise the Internet has changed the way you shop online or even be online?
I'd love to hear if you guys rely on it as much as I do you can tweet me if you want :)

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