Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Outfit | Tartan

Top / Jeans - Primark
Coat - Vintage
Shoes - Next (similar here)
Hat - Vintage (similar here)

I haven't managed to get myself out of these black jeans for ages it seems. I have 3 pair that are exactly the same i just rotate them when washing day comes. I doubt I'm alone in stockpiling jeans - when you find the pair that fits perfectly you stock up! 

I took a trip down the charity shop I'm sure they will make me pay rent soon i practically live in there, but i spotted this amazing tartan cape esque coat and for only £6. This is so warm and goes amazing with black jeans, i grabbed this hat for only £1 as well.
Apart from bargain hunting and being ill 24/7 i have no other news.

Also i must just add my boyfriend took these pictures last Sunday for me as opposite my flat we have this really cute little church, unbeknown to us Sunday service was going on, so while these pictures were being taken i had the whole church wondering what the fuck i was doing posing in their doorway on such a holy occasion! Awkward!


  1. You look gorgeous - I'm incredibly jealous of your bargain find with that coat!! x

  2. Love this look, you're adorable! :)



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