Friday, April 11, 2014

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Headphones - C/o BassBuds

How amazing are these!!!
Bassbuds have kindly sent me these blingtastic earphones to share with you guys and i couldn't be more excited to show you!
I'm like most a full on music addict i cant go anywhere without my earphones they are such an important item in my handbag so when this opportunity crossed my inbox i jumped at the chance to share.
Now I'm not completely sure when these will go on sale but they have so many different colourways to choose from if you want to get your hands on some now. They are an English brand and you can buy them from the bassbuds website directly.
These earphone are amazing! For starters they have flipping swarovski crystals in the earphones and they are 24 carat gold plated! They sound great and the wire has a plastic coating so they wont get tangled, there is nothing worse then spending an entire bus ride trying to untangle earphones that in itself just sells it for me!
Also something i have never come across before is these earphones come with a set of memory foam ear buds which i can honestly say are the most comfortable things i have ever experienced!
A massive thanks so Bassbuds for these and again if you want to see more of the collection you can view there over on the Bassbuds website.

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