Thursday, April 10, 2014

Outfit | ACNE (the good kind)

 Jumper - Romwe
Jeans - Primark
Shoes - Next
Hat - Carhartt

These pictures were taken so many weeks ago, but you might have noticed i haven't blogged for ages so here is my half assed attempt at a comeback ;)

Ive seen this Acne Studios jumper everywhere in the blogasphere and when i found this one Romwe i was ecstatic because lets face it not everyone has stupid money to spend on a jumper! That being said i don't like it. On Romwe this just said one size so i thought id chance my luck and it really wasn't mega bucks (under £20) but i like my jumpers long and baggy and well just massive and this isn't its more S/M. 

Sorry about the jeans again but i can honestly say i own about 7 pairs and therefore when i take pictures I'm normally wearing a pair. I find Primark jeans amazing they fit me so well unlike Topshop, Miss Selfridge where i find their sizes stupidly small, and also with Primark I've found these are the only jeans that don't make knee pokes after 10 minutes of walking and for reference these are the super high waisted jeans for about £10.

On that note I'm off as i have a child running round with a Lightsaber! 


  1. Love wearing my Acne dupe with black and loving the hat Mrs :) xx

  2. My friend's just introduced me to ACNE haha, I love that jumper, looks so cosy! :)


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