Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Style Inspiration | Kylie Jenner

Say what you want about the tribe of Kardashions and Jenners but one thing you cant knock is their sense of style...especially from the youngest Kylie Jenner!
I'm 23 and find myself wanting to be this 16 year old.
By far this girl is the better dressed of the family and I've noticed her ever growing style for a while now, but it seems just recently she has come into her own and is getting more confident with fashion.
I love this girl and cant wait to see what she will be wearing this summer.
She also has her own Tumblr Kalifornia Klasss - its pretty good as well ;)


  1. She is just the biggest babe, her style is totally perf xx


  2. I have to admit I don't know who she is.. Good looks though.
    Thanks for sending me link via bbloggers chat.
    Adela x



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