Monday, April 28, 2014

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Hi guys.
I haven't blogged properly for ages as some off you might have seen me rant about it on twitter but my post feed wasn't syncing with the Google reader and basically 6 months worth of posts couldn't been seen.
Anyway its all fixed i don't know how but i feel like now is the perfect time to come back to the blogasphere and blog my little heart out.

We have all seen the very much coveted Dior Tee Shirt Earrings or should i say earring right? Seen on the likes of Emma Watson, Jennifer Lawrence and many blogger - cant say I'm too enthusiastic at the price (£290) but fear not I've found some gems on EBay and they are cheap as chips!
I've included some links to China and UK for the above jewellery as if like me you just sometimes cant wait for that 15-20 days shipping parcel.

I hate pearls only because i really just associate them with being boring and a horrible colour, i feel I'm to young for pearls but thanks to Dior and (china) i really feel I'm missing out by not having these in my ears!

Hope you like, let me know on Twitter if you decide to buy anything id love to be a nose bag ;)

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  1. These are all gorgeous! I particularly like number 7 xx


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