Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Outfit | Joggers and Birks

 Jumper - Vintage
Trousers - H&M (similar here)
Shoes - Birkenstock's
Ear cuff - H&M
Earring - EBay
Bag - M&S
Glasses - Primark (similar here)

Hi guys.
I found a white wall today so obviously that meant i needed to dig out the camera and stand awkwardly.
Honestly where i live you'd think people had never seen a camera, they look at me like I'm shooting a dodgy porn movie. One guy nearly walked into the road whilst starring wondering why i was having pictures taken haha, rather embarrassing.

I picked up these joggers in H&M a few weeks because they looked so darn comfy and because i had an overpowering need to add to my grey marl collection...needs must. 
I have to say i feel like a complete chavy ding dong wearing these but they have just the right amount of subtlety as opposed to a full blown pair of Nike joggers (which i may just buy now I'm embracing my inner chav).

This jumper was £1 !! Its a black jumper what more can i say, you cant have enough, black goes with everything.

I've been living in my Birkenstock's recently as well and yes i know they are bloody ugly bastards but after seeing more people wearing them i started to fall in love - call me a sheep that's fine, my feet are comfy...Well apart from the weeks spent breaking them in getting blisters on parts of your feet you never knew existed! It's all part of the fun with new shoes right? 

Just for reference I'm normally a size 6 (EU 39) but i downsized in these and got a EU 38. I also brought them from Amazon as they are so much cheaper! I don't understand people buying them from ASOS they are just ripping you off get yourself over to Amazon and save £20.

I'm hoping to come back to blogging more regularly now the weather is nice and I'm actually getting dressed so fingers crossed this little old blog should be getting some love soon.

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  1. casual, cool and chic xx


  2. Lovely outfit and so cool you kept taking pictures even though people were looking! I love the pants and they do look really comfy :)
    Tanja Mortensen


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