Tuesday, October 7, 2014

My top 5 favourite bloggers

Hi guys.
I know its been ages, its actually been exactly 5 months since i last posted on here. Life happened but hey I'm back. I've fixed the laptop and I'm back online and i couldn't be happier to dive back into the realms of blogging!

What better way to celebrate being back online than with a post dedicated to other bloggers.
So here are 5 bloggers over the years I've religiously read, stalked and loved.

 Billie Rose
Billie Rose is the beautiful blog written by Rosanna. I have featured her on my blog before and ever since i found it i have been glued to her updates.
She has beautiful photography and the most to die for hair.

 Bang on Style
 Bang on style is a blog i often stalk. The blog is written by Deborah who like me is from Essex.
Her style is gorgeous and i love the way she wears printed clothes.
This beautiful lady defiantly deserves more followers so go check her out :)

 Into the Fold
I absolutely adore Camilla from the blog Into the Fold. Her style is so effortless but well put together.
I constantly frequent Into the Fold it's become one of my favorites to read. Her photography is so beautiful and her shoe/jacket collection is forever making me jealous. Lovely blog.

Ever since i found this blog Ive been addicted, Her outfits have a perfect laid back vibe. I absolutely adore this blog and its so nice and refreshing actually seeing a blogger smile for a picture. Brilliant photography with lovely clear uncluttered images.

 The Little Magpie
Last but not least the beautiful Amy behind The Little Magpie.
I have massively stalked this lady across all social media channels for a while now. Her style is just perfect and she looks amazing in a hat - I envy people that can pull of hats being someone that really cant!
Absolutely beautiful blog I'm sure you guys have all heard of her if you haven't go have a look :)
She is also really bloody hilarious!

So there is my top 5 bloggers guys.
Hope you love them as much as me and if you don't already follow them start now :)


  1. Thank you so much for your kind words about me and my blog! I really like yours, too :)

    Jules x

  2. Thank you so much for featuring me, so so kind of you xx I too love Amy's blog and Camilla's and I'm definitely going to check out the others too x

  3. Love these types of posts! Love Camilla's blog too!


  4. Welcome back!!! Hope to see more blog post!!!

    xo, Lizzie

  5. Amy is a total babe!! Love your other picks too. I did a similar post at the start of the year, would love if you checked it out! http://www.hivenn.co.uk/2014/12/bloggers-to-watch-in-2015.html xx


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